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Tips For Your First Set Of High Performance Or Racing Wheels

If you have a high horsepower vehicle and are looking for your first set of racing wheels, you should know that a racing tire requires specific care that you might not be used to if you've only used traditional tires in the past. Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to extend the life of your new wheels and stay safe on the road.

Stay On Top of the Tire Pressure at All Times

With a standard motor vehicle, you can probably get away with not topping off your tire pressure on a regular basis. Sure, the tires will lose pressure and this will lead to reduced performance, but as long as the pressure loss is not dramatic, it's not going to create a huge safety hazard.

The exact opposite is true when it comes to racing wheels. Even the most premium brand of racing wheels on the market is only as good as the pressure inside of the wheels. If you let the pressure fall off, you will see a significant decrease in performance. The key takeaway here is that hitting racing speed on a poorly inflated racing wheel is a recipe for disaster. You could end up seriously damaging the wheel, the car, or even yourself if you lose control of the vehicle.

Beware UV Rays

If you typically keep a stack of auto supplies outdoors near your garage, make sure that your new racing wheels are never put in this location. Leaving your rubber tires outside will allow the sun's UV rays to cause damage. The polymers inside the tire will begin to break down. This will lead to significantly lower performance than what you could achieve with a brand-new tire that has not sustained any damage. Store your new racing wheels inside the garage and out of the sun.

Beware of Old Man Winter

We just told you to install your wheels in a garage instead of outside, but you might not want to do this if your garage is not heated in the wintertime. Prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures can be disastrous for racing tires. Racing tires can be a bit delicate, and a frigid night in the garage could be enough to cause a crack to form along the surface of the tire. This could obviously be extremely dangerous if you were to then try and drive on it. If you need to store your tires for the long term, add heating to your garage or install a stack of racing wheels inside a temperature-controlled self-storage unit.

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