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4 Reasons To Visit Your Local Tire Shop

Tire shops have been around for as long as there have been cars with tires. Most people think of them as the place to go when they need a new tire, but they offer other tire-related services that you should be using and many people neglect. Here are some reasons to take a trip to the tire shop in your area.

1. Rotating the Tires

Keeping the tire rotated on your car or truck is essential for maintaining the tire wear and extending the life of the tire. While some people rotate the tires when they change the oil in their vehicle, you may need to do a rotation out of sync with the oil change schedule. The tire shop will rotate them for you very inexpensively, and if you visit the shop where you bought the tires, they will most likely rotate them free of charge.

2. Balancing the Tires

If you notice a vibration developing as you drive down the road, you may have a tire that is out of balance. When the tires are installed on the car, each tire is balanced on the rim using lead weight to offset and heavy spots on the tire or rim. If a weight comes off, you will feel it as a vibration or rapid bumping as you drive down the road. Take the car into the tire shop and have them check the balance on the tires if this happens. If there is one that is off, they can rebalance it and hopefully restore the ride quality of the car. 

3. Plugging a Tire

A flat tire on your car does not always mean you need a new tire. In many cases, a tire with a puncture in the tread can be fixed by installing a plug in the tire. Plugging the tire only works if the hole is in the tread and if it is done right, the tire can last for many more miles of regular driving. Not every hole can be plugged, but the best thing to do is have the tire checked by a technician at the tire shop to determine if a plug will work for your tire. 

4. Nitrogen Service

Tires wear is heavily affected by tire pressure and the pressure can change with warmer or colder weather. As the air in your tire becomes cooler, it becomes denser, and the pressure in the tire falls a little. One way to counteract this rise and fall in pressure is to have the tire shop pump the air out of the tires and fill them with nitrogen. The nitrogen is inert and unaffected by the temperature, so the tire pressure does not change. Once it is set, it stays at that pressure unless you develop a leak in the tire. The service costs a few dollars extra per tire but can help to extend the life of the tire enough to offset the cost of the service.  

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