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3 Situations That Can Make Tire Replacement Mandatory

Do you have a tire on your vehicle that is showing signs of wear? Perhaps you are wondering if the tire can be repaired to extend its life or whether it will need to be replaced. There are a few situations that make replacing tires necessary or sensible. The condition of certain tires makes them unsafe to repair. The following is an explanation to help you better understand when tires need to be replaced rather than repaired.

Flat or Low Pressure

Some people do not check the pressure in their tires. This leads to them driving around on tires that are nearly flat or have low pressure. If this is done for an extended amount of time, it can cause tires to wear down on the inner sidewall. If you peer at the inner sidewall of your tire and see wires or threads, you have damaged the tire beyond repair. When a tire seems to keep losing pressure, it may have a slow leak due to a puncture from something such as a nail. This is something that could be repaired and extend the life of the tire if reported and repaired in time.


Some tire punctures can be repaired. It generally depends on the area of the tire the puncture is located. If the puncture is a gash or cut, the tire will be deemed irreparable. Punctures from debris such as nails can sometimes be repaired if they occur on the tread face of tires. Puncture damage to the sidewall or shoulder of tires is irreparable. This is because these areas are not suitable to keep patches and plugs in position. 

Collision and Impact

Most of the time tires that are involved in collisions will be obviously irreparable. However, there are situations when it may seem like a tire that was involved in a wreck can be used again. It is ill-advised to salvage these tires without having them inspected by a tire professional because they may have defects from the accident that could make them unsafe to use. Collisions usually involve high-impact conditions that can make rims come off of tires. Although a tire may appear intact, the fact that the impact was strong enough to know its rim off makes it sensible not to attempt to use it.

A tire repair shop is a good resource to use to determine whether tires are salvageable. They can inspect tires and repair them if it is safe to do so. To find more info, click here or on other similar sites.